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Georgia takes 18th place among world top wine exporting countries by sales income


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Georgia takes 18th place among the world top wine exporting countries in 2018 by income generated by sales based on the paper “World top 60 wine exporting countries by value in 2018” published by the American Association of Wine Economists (AAWE).

The top five wine exporting countries per income from wine sales in 2018 were the following: France - $11.056 billion Italy – $7.370 billion Spain - $3.494 billion Australia – $2.160 billion Chile - $1.999 billion

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Georgia takes 18th place in the ranking with an export value of $197 million in 2018.

As for Georgia neighboring countries, Turkey exported $10.1 million worth of wine in 2018, while Armenia exported $9.4 million and Azerbaijan exported $7.7 million.

Russia exported $7.5 million worth of wine in 2018, reports data from the AAWE

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