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Georgia’s Khachapuri Listed among Top 100 Dishes


Georgia’s Khachapuri

TasteAtlas has included Georgian traditional dish Khachapuri in the list of top 100 dishes of the world.

“This simple cheese bread known as khachapuri is the most famous dish in Georgia. The pastry is traditionally topped with melted cheese, eggs and butter,” the website says.

The article reads that there are different types of khachapuri, adding the most common additions include traditional Georgian Sulguni or Imeretian cheese.

TasteAtlas says khachapuri is shaped into different forms and, depending on the baking procedure and its form, can be consumed individually or shared.

“Two of the most common varieties include the Imeretian khachapuri, shaped into a circular form, and Adjaran khachapuri, the open-faced version topped with butter and a raw egg on top. Although it is considered a snack, khachapuri can often be consumed as a full meal. It can also be bought at numerous kiosks located alongside Georgian roads, however, it is also served at specialized restaurants, known as khachapurnayas,” the article reads.

The website also listed other famous Georgian traditional dishes.

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