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Azerbaijan Doubles Georgian Wine Import


Azerbaijan Doubles Georgian Wine Import

Georgia exported about 6.25 million bottles of wine to 24 countries in January 2019, which is a 22% increase compared to January 2018.

Only Azerbaijan imported 5,790 bottles of wine from Georgia in early 2019, which is a two-fold increase compared to January 2018, according to Azernews.

To note, Azerbaijan ranks fourth among Georgia’s biggest trade partners, after Turkey, Russia and China. Georgian exports to Azerbaijan include cement, locomotives and other railway vehicles, mineral and chemical fertilizers, mineral waters, strong drinks, glass and glass wares, and pharmaceuticals, among other things.

In addition, Last month Georgia received $15.2 million from the sale of wine abroad – 33% increase year-on-year. 

The top five countries that imported the most bottles of Georgian wine in January 2019 were:

Russia – 4,602,218 bottles Ukraine – 553,164 bottles China – 281,229 bottles Poland – 268,724 bottles Kazakhstan – 156,120 bottles

Georgian National Wine Agency said that last month 96 companies exported wine from Georgia.

In addition, Georgia exported 2.2 million bottles of Georgian brandy ( 109%) and 4,400 bottles of Chacha ( 2%) abroad in 2018.

In total, Georgia has sold $23 million worth of alcoholic beverages in January 2019, including wine, brandy, chacha and others.

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