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New Museum to Be Launched in Oni


New Museum to Be Launched in Oni

At a briefing held prior to the government meeting on May 23, the Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze stated that a new local museum is to be built in the town of Oni, Racha.

The Head of the Government focused on the importance of the development of the rural areas across the country and noted that providing appropriate infrastructure is vital in this case.

-Regional development is a major priority for us. It is the only way to achieve inclusive growth in Georgia. To ensure equal development in the regions of the country, it is important to put in place relevant infrastructure in each of them,- stated Bakhtadze.

The PM also accentuated the significance of the tourism industry for the general progress of Georgia.

-Tourism is the best sector for inclusive growth. We are developing relevant infrastructure in our mountain areas. This very goal is served by the Georgian Government s decision to build a local museum in Oni,- he said.

The new multifunctional museum in Oni is planned to integrate a conference hall, an archive, a library, a multimedia library, as well as an educational space for minors.

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