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From July 1, 2017 to July 1, 2018, take part in the competition and win a team tour in October 2018.

There is a registration for the contest! Register, participate and win!

Galaxy Saqartvelo 2018

Our Portal is running a new competition for the whole teams! We’d like as many people as possible to immerse themselves in the galaxy of Georgian culture, history, nature and customs.

This time the competition may appear demanding but the prize is worth the effort!

So, here we go! The preliminary terms of the competition are as follow:


The competition starts on July 1, 2017 and ends on July 1, 2018.

During the competition period, the participants of the competition must:

  • Form a team (minimum 4, maximum 10 people) following the conditions of the competition
  • Visit Georgia at any time but within the competition period
  • Complete the “field tasks” of the competition (before and during the trip)
  • Deliver a “creative report” on the trip as the final task of the competition (after the trip)

The team which wins the first place will be invited by our portal to the tour-quest in October 2018!


How to form a team?  

In order to become a Participant of the competition it is necessary to:

Registration as a Participant is possible at any time during the competition period. However, bear in mind that starting from July 15, we will begin sending e-mails to all Participants containing competition materials and tasks. Those who register later will need to study the past materials on the contest page.


What do those who want to participate in the competition, but there is no team?


We allow the participation of individuals in the competition. To participate in the competition as an individual you must:


What are the conditions for visiting Georgia?  

The team, at its discretion, chooses the terms of visiting the country, the subject of travel, the route and the mode of travel. It can be an independent journey or a tour organized by one of our partners. The trip must take place within the competition period.

When preparing and traveling, it is strictly forbidden to use any paid services of any persons or companies in the field of tourism organization (travel agencies and agents, guides and animators, organizers and stewards, intermediaries) who are not partners of the Portal. This rule does not apply directly to hotels, restaurants or drivers as well as the generally recognized services for the sale and booking of tickets and hotels, car rentals.  

What are "field tasks" of the competition?

Under the terms of the competition, the team must visit Georgia during the competition period and carry out a number of field tasks before and during the trip around the country. The field tasks include e.g. preparing materials for a journey, making a plan, keeping a diary, publishing posts about the trip in blogs. All specific field tasks will be sent systematically by e-mails to the Participants by the organizer starting from July 15. If you register as a Participant after July 15 you will be obligated to fulfill all previous field tasks – they will be published regularly on the contest page.


What is the “creative report” in the final part of the competition?


Upon returning from the trip, the team must create a report on their trip and publish it on our porlal. The form of the report is up to the team. It can be a video, photo album, text with illustrations, maps with routs and pictures and so on – we count on your creativity. The informative and journalistic nature of the report, its usefulness for readers as well as drawing power will be evaluated.



What is the prize?


The team which wins the first place will be invited by our portal to the tour-quest in October 2018!



How do we pick the winners?


The criteria for selecting the winning team are as follow:


  • Team’s involvement - how fast it is formed and how quickly it delivers all tasks.
  • Public engagement – the number of likes, shares and positive comments that are given by the readers to each team’s materials which will be published on our Portal’s fanpage. An additional criterion here will be a number of engaged residents of Georgia met during the trip as we want to ensure a high degree of immersion with the local culture.
  • Quality of all prepared materials – judged by panel of experts invited by our Portal.

The winning team will be announced on July 15, 2018

If we suspect fraud, we have the right to determine the winner.


The materials of the contest use illustrations of Magdalena Konik, a partner of the portal