Sweet Georgia
loyality card of Sweet Georgia
  • Membership in the SG-club is the right to use all the club's preferences: participation in club tours and events, priority service, instant notification of all new products and exclusive events;
  • This is an opportunity to accumulate bonus points and use them to pay for the services of the portal and its partners
  • This is a loyalty card with permanent discounts on all services of the portal and its partners
  • This is a special attitude during a visit to Georgia with portal partners
  • This is an opportunity to give points and discounts to your friends and relatives
  • This is a convincing proof of your love for Sakartvelo
  • This is a testament to our friendship!


The loyalty program of Sweet Georgiahas been around for a long time. However, this year we are changing our rules. Now, with its help, saving up for a free tour to Georgia is even easier!

A program participant receives a portal loyalty card and:

  1. Can purchase any product on our portal with a 5% discount
  2. Can take part in our activities and receive card bonuses for their implementation
  3. Can come to Georgia with a loyalty card and have discounts from our partners.
  4. Can pay with bonuses part of the cost of any product purchased on the portal

But the most important thing:

Each program participant can become the Georgian ambassador among his friends:

The received card gives a discount not only for you, but for all, those who use it when booking products on the portal or when traveling in Georgia!

And you will receive a + 2% discount from Your your tour to Georgia for each guest who used your card!

Let's make Georgia more accessible together!

To get a loyalty card, you need to write a letter to the address:

When you receive a card, be sure to register it!