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Sweet Georgia
events in Georgia

Exellent events and actions especially for You!

Great interest among the  guests of Georgia cause various events, activities and events that have become a form of tourism business now in addition to traditional tours, excursions, attractions and hotels.

Almost continuously  hosts concerts, exhibitions, festivals and a party in Georgia, which will be interesting to visitors.

On this page we publish the most interesting that is planned in the country.

In addition, the organizers can publish their events and invite guests to them.

Choose  events to liking and join in them!

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Upcoming events

from 27 USD

24november 2018

Flamenco Show 4 women 4 by Manuel Ramirez

Republic hosts famous show Flamenco - 4 women 4  by Manuel Ramirez flamenco ballet. 
Flamenco is very popular and expressive form of dancing. The four basic emotions that are shared by men from all ages: happiness, anger, sadness and fear. It has become well known all over the world. 
Flamenco has recently been declared one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. 

Doors Open - 20:00 
Flamenco Show - 21:00

Free admission

01december 2018

Cheese and Hot Drinks Day

The day of cheese and hot drinks will be held in the Mtatsminda park on the 1st of December. The program of the festival includes demonstration of pasture chacha, master classes on cooking khachapuri and chvishtari (corn tortillas with cheese).

A wide variety of Georgian cheeses will be presented. You can try Svan cheese - narchi, Tushino cheese - chogi, as well as Adzharian kurut (tortillas from cottage cheese, corn flour and cream), hot cheese in pita bread, smoked cheese kebabs and much more.

Hot drinks from the public will be served with hot tea and mulled wine.

The event will take place on the main square of the park, from 11:00 to 20:00. The organizers promise a pleasant musical arrangement.

from 4 USD

03december 2018

The 19th Tbilisi International Film Festival

The 19th Tbilisi International Film Festival will be held on December 3-9. During the festival, in the sections: “Georgian Panorama”, “International Competition”, “The Horizons”, “Made in Germany” etc. the audience will be able to see new, outstanding films from different countries of the world. 

This year, to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Baltic States, one of the programmes will be dedicated to the cinematography of these countries. The programme "Baltic-100" will screen the latest Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian films. The Embassies and film centers of the three countries help the festival to run the programme. 

Italy is a country in focus of the festival this year. In cooperation with the Embassy of Italy, at the 19th film festival, the audience will see the acknowledged works of latest Italian cinema. 

Cinema and Literature is another topic of the 19th International Film Festival, which will offer interesting adaptions and Bio Films made about writers. 

Besides, in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden and Swedish Film Institute, the programme “Bergman-100” will be held, where the audience will have the opportunity to see films of the Swedish filmmaker, including: “Wild Strawberries”, “Persona”, “Autumn Sonata” etc. 

This year, Festival’s “Prometheus” of honor will be awarded to Giorgi Shengelaia and we will offer the retrospective of his films.

Traditionally, the festival will be visited by the cinematographers invited from different countries. Interesting meetings, workshops and masterclasses will also be held in the frame of Industry Days. 

Tbilisi International Film Festival will occasionally offer the information about planned events and sections.

Free admission

09december 2018

Choko Fest

 It’s impossible to imagine the New Year preparation without a chocolate, thus the National Botanical Garden of Georgia is inviting you to the most delicious Choco Fest, which is going to take place on the 9th of December, at the Event Square.