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Exellent events and actions especially for You!

Great interest among the  guests of Georgia cause various events, activities and events that have become a form of tourism business now in addition to traditional tours, excursions, attractions and hotels.

Almost continuously  hosts concerts, exhibitions, festivals and a party in Georgia, which will be interesting to visitors.

On this page we publish the most interesting that is planned in the country.

In addition, the organizers can publish their events and invite guests to them.

Choose  events to liking and join in them!

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Upcoming events

from 12 USD

02may 2019

Presentation of the first musical and poetic album Journey into yourself by IRINA ASTAKHOVA


The bustle and frantic rhythm of modern life distract us from the main thing - attention to our own thoughts and feelings. “Journey Into Yourself” is a new album released by one of the most demanded poetesses nowadays Irina Astakhova (whose creative pseudonym is Akh Astakhova). It is dedicated to the search of inner freedom and one’s own way, spiritual balance and serenity. The basis of the “Journey Into Yourself” consists of both already known and new works about love, travel and eternal truths, about that internal flight which makes one feel life brighter. The album combines poetry and music: classic sounds of piano, guitar strings, as well as violin, accordion, and other instruments. The presentation of the musical and poetic album “Journey Into Yourself” took place in autumn 2018. According to the “Afisha Daily”, Irina “Akh” Astakhova belongs to the top league of Russian poetry. In 2013-2014 Irina held more than 120 concerts in 53 cities and 8 countries, which were visited by more than 35,000 people. Her debut collection of poems "Men's Lyrics / Women's Lyrics" was released in 2013 and combined two books. One contained the poems written from the female perspective, another one - from the male. In the same year, Irina won the Golden Gargoyle award in the nomination “Best Art Project of the Year”. The next compilation called “It is time to change the route” was presented by the poetess during the concert at the Central House of Artists in October 2015. In 2017, Irina pleased her readers with the release of the third compilation, which included the already familiar poems of “Male / Female Lyric”, as well as completely new works. The book was published by EKSMO publishing house with a total circulation of 22,000 copies and the first 7,000 copies were sold out in a record short time - within one week.

from 4 USD

04may 2019

Tours of the theater-festival Baltic House

St. Petersburg Theater Festival "Baltic House" will perform on the stage of the Tbilisi State Russian Drama Theater. A.S. Griboyedov May 4 and 5.

As noted in the theater, the Russian troupe will show two performances to Tbilisi residents - “What men and women are talking about” based on the play “God of Massacre” by French playwright Yasmina Reza and Taras based on the Russian classic Nikolai Gogol’s novel “Taras Bulba”.

Presentation tickets will go on sale from February.

The first performance, What Men and Women Talk About, is the story of two parent couples who are introduced as a result of a school fight of their sons. In addition, each pair, along with the problems of school hooligans, exposes their personal problems. Comedy with subtle humor can be seen on the stage all over the world. In 2009, the play was named the best comedy of the 2008 season in London and won the Laurence Olivier Theater Award.

"The performance" Taras ", like a swing, on which not only heroes, but also spectators swing. Rrraz - famously twisted, swift, deftly played, sung, danced the first act. Dvaaa - a series of confessional monologues that frighten, disarm and expose the whole story in the second act. And, it seems, only a strong fatherly hand can stop this carousel, "- says the performance announcement on the Baltic House website.

It is noteworthy that the theater-festival "Baltic House" toured in Georgia in 2017. Then the troupe from St. Petersburg showed in Anna "Anna Karenina", a play by Elena Gremina based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy.

"Baltic House" dates back to 1920. The main director in 1950-1956 was a native of Georgia - George Tovstonogov. In 2000, the theater received the status of "theater festival". On the basis of the theater, international theater forums, workshops and festivals are held annually with the participation of foreign actors and directors. Since 1998, on the basis of the theater, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and Rossotrudnichestvo, the International Festival of Russian Theaters Abroad "Meetings in Russia" is held. The purpose of the festival is to strengthen ties with creative compatriots living abroad. The forum is often attended by the Tbilisi Theater. A.S. Griboedova.

from 12 USD

04may 2019

Beer Festival in Tbilisi

At the beer festival, which will be held in the Alibi Arena concert hall on May 4, 2019, foreign and Georgian groups will perform, one of them is the popular Ukrainian group 5'Nizza.

"At the festival you will find many types of beer, catering facilities (street food), various entertainment events, as well as performances by foreign and Georgian groups throughout the day," the festival announced.

As noted, such Georgian musical groups as Shendame (Tornike Kipiani), Bedford Falls, Dagdagani, Frani, REGGAEON, as well as DJs performing electronic music, Sumo and beRose will perform on the beer festival stage.

The festival starts at 12 noon and will last until late evening. Alibi Arena Concert Hall, which is located in Zemo Ponichala, will be delivered to those who wish to receive free transport, which will leave from the bus station in Ortachala.

5'Nizza is a Kharkov musical duet performing songs in the style of hip-hop, reggae, funk, rock, ska and others. The band members are vocalists Andrei Zaporozhets and Sergei Babkin, who also plays acoustic guitar and also imitates instruments with his voice (beatbox, vocal percussion). They sing in Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Free admission

04may 2019

Design Fair Market.TBS

The traditional design fair Market.TBS will be held in Tbilisi on May 4-5.

Georgian and foreign designers of clothes, accessories, artists, photographers, barista, bakers and promising start-ups will take part in it.

The design fair, which will be held in Tbilisi for the third time, is a joint project of the Tel-Aviv fair Market.TLV and the multifunctional center Fabrika.

Market.TLV is usually held in Tel Aviv several times a year - in the fall, winter and spring. Summer Market.TLV organizes a meeting of Israeli designers and fans of their work in other cities. The organizers explain that from May to September it is very difficult to hold a street fair in Tel Aviv because of the heat.

For the first time the Israeli fair was held at Fabrika in May 2018, and then in September. The third Market.TBS will be held there (Egnate Ninoshvili Street 8).

As a rule, Market.TLV participants are known on social networks and successfully sell their items via the Internet. However, their brands are not represented in retail. Thus, Market.TLV serves as a kind of platform through which instagram subscribers of young designers can get even closer acquainted with their work.

Organizers invite designers to participate in clothing, accessories or bags, illustrators, florists, startups, or simply people who have interesting items for sale in the bazaar.

Market.TBS guests will be able not only to purchase designer items at the fair, but also to taste delicious coffee and listen to pleasant music. Everybody can visit the fair for free. For two days she will work from 11:00 to 20:00