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Sweet Georgia
events in Georgia

Exellent events and actions especially for You!

Great interest among the  guests of Georgia cause various events, activities and events that have become a form of tourism business now in addition to traditional tours, excursions, attractions and hotels.

Almost continuously  hosts concerts, exhibitions, festivals and a party in Georgia, which will be interesting to visitors.

On this page we publish the most interesting that is planned in the country.

In addition, the organizers can publish their events and invite guests to them.

Choose  events to liking and join in them!

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Upcoming events

from 3 USD

23january 2019

Personal exhibition of Georgian painter Felix Varlamishvili (Varla)

National Gallery invites you to a personal exhibition of works by Georgian painter Felix Varlamishvili (Varla).

For the first time, more than 60 paintings from the National Museum of Georgia and private collections will be presented to the public for the first time.

Felix Varlamishvili (1903 - 1986) - Georgian artist who emigrated to France. Born in Kutaisi (Imereti), in the family of a financier. Because of the early death of the boy’s mother, his aunt raised her. In Tiflis, he graduated from the Art Academy, where his teachers were Guigo Gabashvili, Jacob Nikoladze, Oskar Shmerling, Boris Vogel, Iosif Charlemagne. In 1928, Varlamishvili moved to Paris and settled in Montparnasse. The artist often repeated: "I painted all my paintings with love for Georgia, and it was on the basis of this that I created my own artistic style." Throughout his entire creative life, the Georgian painter was actively exhibited in galleries and salons in France, Argentina, Belgium, Japan, the United States and Iran. He was married to Danish artist Zira Binder. Died Varla in Paris, buried in the cemetery in the Georgian manor Levil on the outskirts of the capital of France.

"Varla's work is interesting for today's Georgia as a European cultural phenomenon that has risen in Georgian tradition. Unfortunately, his name has been known for many years only in a narrow circle of artists. Today, the artist’s work is becoming relevant. His works are getting more and more at various auctions and more collectors, "- says the museum.

The official opening of the exhibition on January 23, at 17:00. As reported, the event also scheduled the presentation of the first album of works by Felix Varlamishvili.

from 10 USD

27january 2019


Concert of Nino Katamadze in Batumi

To visit Batumi it is not necessary to wait for the summer or velvet season, especially when the concert of the unique Nino Katamadze is scheduled!

A popular Georgian singer will perform on the stage of the Batumi music center on January 27.

Together with Katamadze, the Chapel of the Batumi State Center, the vocal sixtet The Quintessence, the string quartet and the Georgian singer Sofo Khalvashi will perform at the evening.

Nino Katamadze is a native of Kobuleti. Sings on stage with four years. In 1990 she entered the vocal department of the Batumi Musical Institute and immediately entered the amateur stage. Katamadze began her professional career with the Insight group in 1999.

The singer performing a mix of jazz, blues and world music quickly gained popularity both in the post-Soviet space and in the world. Nino music sounds in many movies. Nino Katamadze actively participates in music festivals in Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

from 19 USD

12march 2019

The musical Welcome to Georgia

Welcome to Georgia - The Musical is a theatrical show played at Music&Drama Theatre. The play is in English and weaves a tale about Georgia and its people through song, dance, and dialogue. Learn about Georgia’s age-old culture, history, traditions, national costumes, cuisine and more!

The show will introduce you to traditional Georgian song and dance performed live on stage by 18 actors and will take you on a journey from Givi’s wine cellar to the feast table, where you’ll be welcomed with world-renowned Georgian hospitality. Join us for an evening of humor, romance and a taste of true Georgia and all its traditions.

Not only are you guaranteed to enjoy your “stay” at Maro’s house, but you’ll come away with an insight into Georgia’s wine heritage, must-see sights, and rich singing and dancing legacy.

from 17 USD

05april 2019

Concert of Jimmy Sax

Saxophonist, vocalist and producer Jimmy Sax will give a concert in the Tbilisi Concert Hall.

Jimmy Sax (real name Jim Rolland) is a charismatic saxophonist who plays freestyle house music, deep, funk and electro. Over the past four years, the artist has given thousands of shows in Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Miami, Dubai, Paris, Monaco, New Delhi, Capri, Cancun and other cities of the world.

Jimmy Sax is also a producer and vocalist of the music project The Durden Theory, well known in Europe for his bright live performances.

During his creative career, Sax played with hundreds of the best DJs, musicians and performers. Among them are David Guetta, Bob Sinclair, Gloria Gaynor, Quincy Jones, John Legend, Earth Wind & Fire and many others. His most famous hit No man no cry gathered up to 60 million views on Youtube.