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Soul of Batumi

Soul of Batumi

from Batumi
группа до 2 чел.
Стоимость: 165₾ per group
Экскурсия проводится в период:: January - December Длительность (час.): 3 Тип: Walking

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Our fascinating walk is not about modern urban remakes of the beginning of the XXI century and buildings of recent years - in order to see the Monuments of Medea, Ali and Nino and Neptune, Bashni Chachi and Alphabet, you don’t need a guide who knows the city very well.

I will help you catch the atmosphere of Batumi, in which I grew up, and fall in love with you in this small seaside town.
On our way will meet:
• The Church of St. Nicholas, built on the initiative of the Batumi Greeks, led by enthusiast Ilya Efremidi, who obtained permission from the Ottoman authorities back in 1865.
• The Catholic Church is a handsome church, originally erected in 1903 by the Batumi Catholics at the expense of the Zubalashvili brothers, but in the 90s of the last century re-consecrated to the Cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church
• Alexander Garden, which appeared due to the efforts of the German gardener Resler at the end of the XIX century around the amazing lake Nuri
• Batumi Boulevard, broken in the 80s of the XIX century by a French nobleman, gardener Mechislav Dalfons
• House with Atlants or the house of the merchant Nikolai Antonovich Sabaev, which appeared on Mariinsky Prospekt in 1903
• The Rothschild House, in which the Rothschilds themselves did not live, and from 1909 to 1916 there lived a military governor, Colonel Boris Stepanovich Romanko-Romanovsky
• Centenary trees at Dondukovo-Korsakovskaya,
• Church of St. Barbara on Smekalovskaya Street
• Hotel "Intourist Palace", on the site of which from 1906 stood for about 30 years, laid by the Russian Emperor Alexander III, the magnificent Military Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky on Boulevard Street
• The Jewish Synagogue built in 1904, and the Armenian church Surb Prkich, built and consecrated in 1900. In the story about them you will feel the multinationality of the city.
• Unique Batumi courtyards, which are rapidly disappearing.
Places of filming and literary glory of the city
Who just did not leave his mark in Batumi from artists over the past century. Konstantin Paustovsky (“Throw to the south”), Anton Chekhov “Green Spit”, “Three Sisters”), Mikhail Bulgakov (“Batum”), Osip Mandelstam (“Batum”), Georges Simenon (“The window opposite” ). Tengiz Abuladze (“Repentance”), Vladimir Menshov (“Love and Pigeons”), Stepan Puchinyan (“Secrets of Madame Wong”) and Leonid Gaidai (“The Twelve Chairs”) shot their films, and we will definitely see the places of filming. I will tell you about Dr. Timoleon Triantafillides and his contribution to the development of Batumi, engineer Dmitry Svishchevsky, who fell in love with our city at first sight, about Dr. Diodot Haritidi and many other interesting people.

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