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Tourism / One day tours / Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith
Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

from Tbilisi
group up to 6 pers.
Price: 550₾ per group
The tour is run in the period:: January - January Duration (h.): 12 Type: Automotive
Rusudan Japaridze

Your guide and tour author:

Rusudan Japaridze

Amazing country Georgia! Imagine her small size and the truth of the majesty of her soul! In this tour we will try to reveal the soul of Georgia - through examples of selfless faith and love.

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

The tour starts in Tbilisi.

You will be accommodated in easy chairs and head east to Kakheti.

On the road, you will hear about two symbols of the country - Faith and Love. You will understand what faith means for Georgians. Where did its origins and at what price managed to maintain faith in the country.

You will understand that faith is not blind worship, but a part, a very important, fundamental part of the great history of the formation of Georgia. Without exaggeration, we can say that modern Georgia is such, thanks to centuries of selfless defense of its Faith.

And here in front of you is a convent in Bodbe.

Here you will be told the story of Holy Equal to the Apostles Nina - the one who spread the light of Faith and Enlightenment in Georgia.

The story is incredible! It makes you think deeply, peer into yourself, makes you look for the roots of your ancestors and ask yourself a question - could I do the same?

You can see the last refuge of St. Nino, visit her grave and go down to the source of power. In summer you can take ablution and. Believe me, you will feel several times better!

After visiting the monastery, you will visit the city of Love Sighnaghi.

Remember the story of a million scarlet roses? It was here, in this city, that the petals of roses were strewn with one of the courtyards.

It was on these stone pavements that Margarita and Niko Pirosmani walked!

You will see and feel the unique atmosphere of romanticism and aesthetics on the streets of this town.

Wonderful street art, unique balconies and quaintly meandering streets of Sighnagi will cast a lyrical mood on you.

You will enjoy even more in the Pirosmani Museum. Feeling the beauty of Sighnaghi, you will understand his motives even more deeply when he created his uncomplicated paintings. You will understand that they are exactly the reality of exactly that mood and atmosphere, which at that time reigned in the streets of the town.

After lunch at the family restaurant (where, by the way, the unique interior of the rural farmstead is recreated, and the owner is an enthusiastic sommelier and wine collector), after enjoying the taste of dishes and the interior, having considered a wonderful collection of wines, you will go on.

The next stop will be the monument to the hero of the famous film “Father of the Soldier” Georgy Makharashvili.

The scriptwriter of the film Suliko Zhghenti during World War II at the age of 16 volunteered to go to the front, was seriously wounded and was awarded four medals.

Suliko told about a colleague who became the prototype of the main character - a bodbishevsky collective farmer who fought with him in one part. Despite the years, the old man possessed remarkable strength. Pitying the young soldiers, he took the machine gun from them and carried him several kilometers on his shoulders. In the division, he was the universal favorite. An old man replaced his father for soldiers, and sometimes happened to block yesterday's boys from being hit by bullets. The author of the script has kept the real name of the protagonist - George Makharashvili.

The author of the script recalled how, in the spring of 1942, the soldiers sleeping in the dugout near Novorossiysk were awakened by the sounds of Georgian melody: George Makharashvili sang. Loosening the ground with a bayonet, he sowed wheat. The soldiers looked at their fellow soldier with surprise. "Spring is coming, spring ..." - the old man sang, not noticing anyone.

George and Suliko Zhgenti took care of him. After receiving the news that his son was in the hospital, his father went to visit Suliko, but did not find him in the infirmary. This real story was the basis of the script of the film.

You will be told about the love for your land, for the fruits of your labor, for your family. On the way, you will see fragments of this film that will make your heart shrink from a sense of pride in people ...

And at the end of the excursion you will visit the famous manor in the town of Tsinandali - the house-museum of Alexander Chavchavadze.

This visit will be the apotheosis of the excursion, because the Great Georgian Culture and Great Faith and Great Love are intertwined in this estate together.

The history of the Chavchavadze family - an ode to how people who sincerely love their land and their people in a short time accomplished the feat - were able to steer the country along the path of progress. The story of Sandro Griboyedov and Nino Chavchavadze is the story of Great Love and Great Faith ...

Take your time .. imbued with the spirit of this estate. Feel the power of Faith and Love ..

We assure you - the way back to Tbilisi will pass for you unnoticed in thinking about these two entities - Love and Faith.

And if you hear the voice of Love and Faith in yourself, after the excursion, go up to the Pantheon on the Holy Mountain and pay homage to Love and Faith at the tomb of Alexander Griboyedov and Nino Chavchavadze ...


The tour is conducted from Tbilisi.

Duration of the tour is 12 hours.

Included in the price:

Comfortable transportation

Drinking water in transit

Professional guide throughout the route,

Entry tickets,

Lunch at Sighnaghi

A glass of wine at dinner

WI-FI on the go.

Features of the tour:

When visiting the font of Bodbe Monastery and intending to bathe - have a towel and bathing suits with you.

When visiting temples - cover your knees, shoulders. Women - the head.

Photographing in churches and the house-museum of Chavchavadze is prohibited.

Extra wine at lunch time for a fee - 1 liter - $ 5

During the tour you will be given the opportunity to purchase Georgian wines, churchkhela and klapi at special prices.

It is possible to organize a wine tasting in the Marani estate of Tsinandali (surcharge $ 5 per person)

For small groups, self-confident, it is possible to organize a trip without a guide. (cost will be reduced)

The tour is held daily, except Monday.

What is included:
Guide servicesTransfersWIFIDrinking water in routePayment of entrance ticketsDinnerTasting of wine
Available languages:
Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith

Sakartvelo - a story of love and faith