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Sweet Georgia

The best travel deals in Georgia

Time is now, my dearest friend
Hidden years and a heart to mend
And should we meet again
A simple test in an iron cage
Old tradition in a modern age
Strong and true are the weak at heart
I am you, you am I
If everything ends
Is it worth to turn back home again?

You will definitely come back! We know that!

Airplanes will soar into the sky again, the music in street cafes will sound again, markets and souvenir shops will be filled with people again, tourist buses will rush along the roads and again a smiling doorman will open the door of the hotel for you!

And, despite the fact that no one knows WHEN it will be, we know for sure that it WILL be..

Yes, now it’s hard for everyone who met you as dear guests, set the table, cared for trips, said wonderful things about your country, to those you added to your friends and wrote - “I will definitely come to you again!”

It is difficult for you too - those who were so looking forward to meeting with us, prepared and planned, but ...

We announce the start of a new project that has several goals:

  • First: instill confidence in you tomorrow, offer ideas and events for which you can start preparing now and guaranteed to realize immediately as soon as ...
  • Secondly: To offer you to support the tourist world of Georgia, at least morally - to be with us these days
  • Thirdly: to see again those with whom you became friends when coming to Georgia, to chat with them, or to get to know firsthand those who are ready to receive you on our blessed land

So - we invite you to the start page of our project "Saqartvelo forever!" - here you have ideas, surprises and suggestions!