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Sweet Georgia
tour to tbilisi

Tbiliso ... So the residents of the capital of Georgia affectionately call their city.

You can talk endlessly about Tbilisi - it's a city of love and romance

Exhausted from work and everyday problems, you only think about how to escape from the city, and even from the country, at least where, just to get away. And now, a significant day is coming - you are running, in a hurry you collect suitcases, study guidebooks, you come to the long-awaited place, but not everything is so simple ... It takes a while and you realize that you do not have enough of yourself. This feeling is familiar to the indigenous people of Tbilisi, but when nostalgia is read by tourists it pleases and makes you even more fond of your native land.

Such an azure sky
Shines only above you,
Tbilisi, my beloved and dear one

These words begin the famous song about Tbilisi, so to speak, the anthem of the Georgian capital. A city that is beautiful at any time of the year, and at any time of the day. A city of love and romance ...

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