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Sweet Georgia

My Sweet Georgia for Your business

  • Invest in the corporate spirit!

    Georgia - hospitable country. Excellent climate, rich traditions, full tastes - all this means that it is a pleasure not only to relax but also to work.

    We offer you the possibility of organizing various corporate events in any format in Georgia!

    Our partners will help you with the organization of any event - from the most brilliant to friendly parties.

    At your disposal the best hotels, hospitable restaurants, cities of Georgia - Tbilisi, Batumi, Kobuleti, and, of course, its unique nature: the sea and mountains, waterfalls and valleys, lakes and peaks, jungles and alpine meadows!

    Our partners guarantee that you will be surprised of the result and see firsthand that investment in the corporate spirit - the most profitable investment!

  • Celebrate anniversaries in a heartwarming atmosphere!

    The famous Georgian word 'supra' means the rich table, wonderful mood, spiritual feast.

    To come to Georgia to mark the anniversary of the company - this is the perfect solution!

    First of all: It's amazing and unusual to celebrate not only in the Georgian restaurant, but on the Georgian land!

    Second: Only here you will feel as at home and take care of all our managers over!

    Third: Georgia is democratic in price and comfortable, thanks to the unique spirit of this land and its people!

    And finally: It's near, convenient and budget!

    Give your company a memorable anniversary!

  • Relax together and with enthusiasm!

    Most popular today is the word - 'Quest'!

    And what opportunities for team play offers Georgia! This rich history, full of riddles and puzzles, and a huge reservoir of traditional relationships and numerous stories and catch phrase!

    Quest from our partners - is not only a work of the mind in a closed room! This is a real adventure at sea and in the jungles and mountains!

    A huge number of scenarios are in Our collection. We can arrange you a 'Treasure Island' or 'Caucasian captive', 'battle for a place under the sun beach' or 'chasing the kidnappers office manager.' All in your hands - your imagination! And we will realize your fantasies to life!

    Quest in Georgia - it is safe, fun, exciting and just WOW!

  • holds conferences where it is combined with SPA and beach!

    Black Sea coast of Georgia, an ideal place for organizing conferences, workshops and business meetings.

    The presence of hotels of all categories of cost, comfortable and equipped with all necessary conference rooms, gracious place under subtropical trees for conversations and discussions are combined with beaches, SPA-salons and the authentic restaurants.

    After a day of work, in the evenings you can go on boat trips, fishing in the mountain, a great place to visit and enjoy the marvelous view

    Having all the modern infrastructure right in the middle of untouched nature, warm sea, cool mountains - all this creates an atmosphere of comfort, attention, and will allow you to achieve high performance in their work!

  • Relax together!

    How long remembered a collective vacation of Company!

    As a rule, these events are close colleagues, the atmosphere in the team is improving and significantly increases productivity

    Georgia - the perfect bridge for corporate vacation: Cheap hotels thousands options hiking trails, year-round tourism climate.

    For every company there are interesting things: history, culture, nature, entertainment - all this becomes unparalleled kaleidoscope of impressions and memories saturates the whole year. After this trip easy to operate and to be friends

    A one week of corporate adventure increase the motivation of employees, increase loyalty to the company and increase responsibility for results!

  • Invite your partners at a seminar in Georgia

    You will be surprised, but the effectiveness of business meetings will be extremely high

    This is facilitated by the unique atmosphere of this event: the alternation of meetings with the impressions of the holiday.

    Events of Seminar much more effective if organize it in a comfortable and memorable setting. But Georgian nature create comfort.It is not interested a lecture on the background of Svan towers, and then discus at lunch in the cool canyons? It is not interested a speech in the shadow of the subtropical forest with a break for sea bathing? It is not interested a spark scientific debate around the campfire with a barbecue under the gurgling mountain stream?

    Combine business with pleasure, and then your partner will always be loyal to you and your business!

  • Give employees the brightness of the holidays!

    Celebrate the holidays in Georgia. Even a three-day stay in Tbilisi or Batumi make the impression of a firework of emotions

    The unique restaurants and clubs, the national menu, music and voices, dances and master classes of Georgian cuisine and Georgian dance

    Not for one moment can not miss your staff during the holiday.

    New Year, Women's Day, and other holidays, who can meet together! Try doing that in Georgia, and you'll see - it's fabulous!

  • Conducts training with the use

    The work of the company are always important staff skills. That is why leaders organize trainings - modern training courses

    Do You want to make this event memorable and spectacular? Do You want that employees were laid one hundred percent? Then come to us!

    We will provide all facilities for training, take care of the little things, and you will be able to devote all his time to the main task

    Through training in Georgia you, in addition, receive the sea of ​​positive emotions, cheerfulness and cohesive team

Partners of portal will help you organize a corporate event of any complexity - from a banquet to the symposium.

We will assist in the selection of venues, take care of the special pricing, ensure all connections

We take over the organization not only venues and places of residence, but also transport, excursions, specialized services, catering, cultural and leisure activities of the event

We, on the basis of your business plans and capabilities, prepare and agree with you the whole program of events to synchronize the actions of all participants in the organization of the event, will provide comfortable transport and escort since the exit from the customs area of ​​the airport before boarding the plane, give certified guide, to provide quality food and accommodation

In the process of organizing and holding events with your personal manager will work.

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