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Pirosmani Paintings to Be Exhibited in Tallinn


Pirosmani Paintings to Be Exhibited in Tallinn

The paintings of prominent Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani will be exhibited at the Mikkel Museumin Tallinn, Estonia, from 23 March to 20 August, the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia announced this week.

The exhibition covers all the essential topics of Pirosmani’s works: city life and ceremonial festivities, epic country life, still life, soulful figures of animals, and portraits of his contemporaries and historical figures.

Today, March 22, representatives of the diplomatic corps and Estonian government high-ranking officials will get an advance sneak preview of the Pirosmani pieces being displayed.

The exhibition is being held as part of the 100th anniversary of the Art Museum of Estonia. Most of the works belong to the permanent collection of the Mirzaani Museum and have not been displayed outside the museum before. The exhibition opens with a graphic portrait of Pirosmani created by Pablo Picasso in Paris in 1972.

The exhibition has been organized on the initiative and with the support of the Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Estonia and arranged by the Art Museum of Estonia, the National Agency for the Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia and the Georgian National Museum.

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